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    Terry Woods

    Hi Robin, 

    Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, this is not something on our radar and is not planned to be in the next 12 months. If anything changes on that front, we’ll be sure to let you know on this post.

    There are however a couple of options to employ a workflow where you manually disable a trigger or stop an automatic trigger from sending:

    • Manually Disable Trigger - Navigate to the trigger, disable it and save. Then navigate to the event and add the students. Return to the trigger and enable it. 
    • Stop an Automatic Trigger - This involves adding a student to the event and right away navigating to the communications tab of the student table on the outline of the event. On registration, triggers will send every 5 minutes. For the newly added student, you will notice for the trigger status it will show "Not Yet Processed" for the student you just added. Click this status and this will change the status to "Hold", which effectively prevents the trigger from being sent to that student. You would have to make sure to not let too much time elapse between these two steps. 

    We suggest discussing these options more with your CSM. 

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    Many thanks.

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