Ability to filter by multiple courses using the Legacy WordPress Events List Widget


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    Thomas Semple

    Further Issues reported when filtering the Events Table Widget.

    Lynsey is attempting to use the following to filter to specific Course Codes:

    [administrate_event_table show_prices="true" num_months="12" show_categories="true" show_names="true" show_codes="false" course_code="(OPEN)HIBW-REM", "(OPEN)EMAIL-REM", "(OPEN)VCR-REM", "(OPEN)PRESS-REM", "(OPEN)PRESN-REM", "(OPEN)CUSTOMER-REM", "(OPEN)REPORT-REM", "(OPEN)TECH-REM", "(OPEN)WEB-REM", "(OPEN)PP-REM", "(OPEN)BIDS-REM", "(OPEN)HIBW-LON"]

    Unfortunately, like the Location filtering, this does not work.

    According to the code, we should only be filtering to the following Courses:

    • (OPEN)HIBW-REM = High Impact Business Writing
    • (OPEN)EMAIL-REM = Effective Email Writing
    • (OPEN)VCR-REM = Effective Virtual Communication
    • (OPEN)PRESS-REM = Press Release Writing
    • (OPEN)PRESN-REM = Presentation Writing
    • (OPEN)CUSTOMER-REM = Writing to Customers
    • (OPEN)REPORT-REM = Effective Report Writing
    • (OPEN)TECH-REM = Technical Writing
    • (OPEN)WEB-REM = Writing for the Web
    • (OPEN)PP-REM = Writing Effective Policies and Procedures
    • (OPEN)BIDS-REM = Bid, Tender and Sales-Proposal Writing
    • (OPEN)HIBW-LON = High Impact Business Writing 

    However we can see other Courses, such as High-Impact Business Writing listed:

    If we expand the 'All Events' drop down we can see more examples:

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