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    Matt Smith

    Yes, this really would be useful. ie to be able to re-arrange the order that custom fields are listed on Event pages.

    The Problem / Issue:
    Naturally, as we are increasingly using more and more custom fields, we continue to find new opportunities that we need to create new fields for. However, each time that we do - it just adds the new field to the bottom of the list on each Events page.

    As our list of custom field continues to grow (we now have 14 custom fields in use) – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage the various bits of information required. We now have a number of fields that directly relate to one another, but appear in a completely illogical order on the custom field lists. 
    For example, one of the earlier custom fields that we created was for a 'Moodle Link'. However, since that was first created we have subsequently had a need to also use a Moodle Key/Code in our comms, and so we have added a 'Moodle Key' field. But as we have also added various other custom fields during that time - the 2 Moodle related fields are separated by 8 other fields. 

    This makes managing Moodle information within our custom fields much more difficult, as it's much harder to see if any of the required information is missing, ie the Moodle Link could be included, but the Moodle Key could easily be missed as it's at the bottom of the list (please note, that this is just one example of the exact same scenario/issue that we have with the order of our custom fields).

    This issue is greatly increasing the likelihood of communications being sent out with missing/incorrect information, particularly those on Auto triggers. As a result, our delegates experience on our courses is being significantly impacted and it is also creating a large amount of additional course administrative work to correct any missing/incorrect information that have been sent out.

    We’re also unable to implement a manual workaround for this issue, ie by deleting all of our custom fields and re-adding them in the order that we want, as all of our custom fields are currently in use on live communications. This also wouldn’t be helpful in the long run, because as soon as we need to add another new custom field – it will just be added to the bottom of the list again, and not in the position that we want it to be located.

    The Solution:
    A simple click and drag functionality, where the custom fields are created within the control panel, would allow a very simple and effective way to manually select and arrange the list of custom fields into the most effective order.   

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