Offset (start / end) + keep in sync flag on a resource booking



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    Jake Carlson (Edited )

    Wouter Walgraeve we are actively working on a feature to solve for the first item. When a session or event datetime is changed, any resource booking associated to that item will automatically change as well. In addition, we'll look at the existing pre and post offsets and apply the same offset to the changed resource booking. It won't be a flag as this will be the default behavior. The feature is in beta now, and I can turn it on for your staging instance if you'd like so you can give us feedback.

    The relative offset idea is a good one, and I'll take that to the team for consideration.

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    Wouter Walgraeve

    The 'flag' idea could be useful for those cases where you want to book the resource for a whole day, but need to shift the event/session during the day based on feedback/input of the customer (so unflag it to keep resource booking timestamps fixed even when rescheduling the event).

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