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    Nate Smith

    Hi Katrien,

    Thanks for your feedback - this is something that we're interested in adding to the API. Unfortunately at the present, it's something which has to be rolled out to each entity and coordinated across several layers / versions of our technology stack in order to ensure consistent reporting. We'll make progress on that front, but it will take some time.

    We're working with a few early adopters of an alternative solution in the form of webhooks. This means we'd send a message to URL indicating that a record was changed, and can include the record contents in the payload. If that's something you could work with, let me know and we'll reach out to discuss in more detail and see if it's a good fit for your use case.


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    Jens Claessens

    Hi Nate,

    The webhooks would be a suitable solution for us, so we would like to try that. We can configure HTTP requests and other inputs as trigger in our solution (built with Azure Logic Apps). Do we get a message with every create/update/delete action?

    Best regards,


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