LMS Content seperator, including whilst viewing/working through pieces of LMS



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    Nate Smith

    This was a somewhat intentional decision, because unlike other pieces of content, a learner can't actually interact with the separators.

    Can you help us out with a bit more context for why you would want a learner to have to click through an additional screen with just a line or two of text?

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    Vicky Tawil

    Hi Nate, 

    it shouldn't be extra click it could be some kind of notification such as a text showing somewhere or something poping up to inform students that they are moving to xxx module/chapter, the reason why i think its important as we had experienced LMS course where the content uploaded are videos so it was difficult for the student to know in which chapter he is now or for which module is this video relating, plus in one case we had a pre assessment and a post assessment added wiyth separators but when the SCORM file played there where no indication for the student that now you be doing pre or post assessments it just playing one after another, the content title is not enough to give the student identification specially if he had 10 chapters in on course. 



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