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    Gilles Benyon-Bell

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your idea. We currently offer the following content types:

    • Resource: Used for downloadable content, e.g. PDF files. Shows a document icon in the LMS to the student
    • SCORM Presentation: displays a slideshow icon next to the content on the LMS
    • Quiz: displays a check mark icon next to the content on the LMS
    • SCORM: identifies that this LMS Content is SCORM-authored. Displays a slideshow icon
    • Video: identifies this is a video file that can be played within the browser. Displays a video "play" icon
    • External Activity: Displays an "open external link" icon

    I've shown in the shot below what it looks like in the TMS and what that translates to for the learner in the LMS:

    Could you also give me your definitions of the 5 bullets you mention in your post?

    Many thanks

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