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    Gilles Benyon-Bell

    Hi Beth,

    Is there a reason you don't add the documents under the LMS section? We have seen other customers create a separator with a header under the LMS section to give them more control over the order. 

    Many thanks

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    Beth Bittenbender

    Gilles, The documents we put in the "documents" section are not intended for the students to see.  They are internal documents related to the event, things like:

    - invoices that have been sent to the customer (we don't use ADM internal invoices, we have a financial department that issues invoices).

    - Training Services Agreements (TSAs) with our clients for this event.

    This allows us to quickly see in an event if all of the customers were invoiced, if all of the Training Services Agreements were returned, etc. AND if there's a problem, we can go back to the event and access the documents. 

    We have developed a very specific naming convention for all docs so it's easy to find things.  And in theory, then all TSAs will be together, and all invoices will be together, etc.  Which makes it easier to do "checklist" kinds of research. 

    But when the functionality within that section lists them by date added, and doesn't allow you to sort them OR show them in order of document name (grouping like documents together) then it makes it harder for us to use that as a tool to check on what remains to be done. Which often means it is easier to maintain an external (electronic or paper?) checklist. Double work. Thanks!

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    Gilles Benyon-Bell

    Hey Beth,

    Thanks so much for the extra information, I know understand the problem. Decision Support is something that is very much on our radar throughout this year and while we may not be solving it by redesigning the "documents" section, I would expect some improvements.

    I've tagged this post internally but will leave the comments and voting open for other organizations.

    If there are any improvements, we'll be sure to reach out to you.


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